Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Olap4j vs. Oracle and Ruby

During my monthly checkup of this blog analytics data (thank you Google Analytics), I discovered a new trend. More and more, people are searching for information on olap4j's compatibility.Here are the interesting keywords used and the number of occurrences for the last month.
  • "olap4j ruby" - 28 occurrences
  • "olap4j oracle" - 3 occurrences
Oracle; I can understand. Olap4j is picking up momentum and is more widely adopted. We support both Microsoft Analysis Services and Mondrian via XMLA. Oracle does have an XMLA server, Hyperion Essbase, although we never tested it with olap4j. If one of you reading this post happens to be a Oracle wizard, please contact us so we can have a chat. The more OLAP servers we support the better.Ruby; now that's intriguing. Ruby can run in a JVM thanks to the JRuby project. Would olap4j work well with JRuby? probably. Are there are any OLAP API for Ruby? Google says no. Digging further in the analytics data didn't reveal to me the actual intent of those who are searching for "olap4j ruby" keywords. What a mystery... I therefore send out there a general call to anyone interested in using olap4j inside JRuby, for we might have common interests.


  1. And here are my favorite search keywords of the month.

    "ssas 2008 catastrophic "

  2. Hi Luc,

    I know this post was written a while ago but hopefully you'll still respond. I am interested in OLAP forRuby, in particular Mondrian. As olap4j prably wouldn't work on Ruby we are looking at JRuby. We basically want to use OLAP as a back-end for a part of our Ruby app.


  3. Tuan: Take a look at