Monday, April 13, 2009

Pentaho Analysis Tool - Final push for sprint 2

I've been really busy lately working on sprint 2 of Pentaho Analysis Tool. We almost reached all our goals for this sprint and are hoping to wrap it all up in the next two weeks. There is still time to add a few late requirements in this sprint so if anyone has a very special wish, now is the time to express it.

About Pentaho Analysis Tool (PAT)

PAT is an attempt to replace the good ol' JPivot application, widely used in the Java world, as a web based browser for OLAP data. There are quite a few similar projects out there, yet none of them quite make the cut in terms of enterprise requirements.

  • Ad-hoc connections

  • ACL management

  • User defined connections saved for later use

  • Saved queries

  • Multiple queries editing at once

  • [ insert even more entreprise software mumbo jumbo here]

We're writing a Google Web Toolkit (GWT) front-end and a Spring based backend as a core. All data manipulations are possible thanks to the Olap4j API. There was talk of a Json bridge later on in development, but this requirement is not part of any sprint planning for now.

The project is hosted on Google code and all the project management is done in the Jira tracker. If you have any further questions about our project or want to chat for whatever reasons, we can be reached via the mailing list or ##pentaho.pat on freenode.