Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From the olap4j team

I posted this message today on the olap4j mailing list. In the interest of reaching a broader audience, I will copy it here as well.


Dear olap4j community members,

As we previously discussed on this mailing list, we are planning to make the final push towards a 1.0 specification. In order to perform those much needed changes and still maintain compatibility as much as possible, the olap4j team proposes the following transition plan.

  • 4th week of July - Release of olap4j 0.9.8
    A first initial release, coded 0.9.8, will be performed during the days to come. This release is mostly a wrap-up of the unofficial releases we have put in the Maven repository. Notable changes include compatibility with SAP BW, contextual drill-through for the Query Model, along with various other compatibility fixes.

  • Month of August
    During the month of August, the olap4j community will have a chance to comment the proposed changes to the 1.0 final draft. We will provide an updated functional specification document as well as a complete list of the changes that will be required. Should you judge that some items are still missing, or that some should be modified or removed altogether, you are encouraged to let us know. The mailing list is the best place to hold those discussions, or you can also use our forums.

  • September 1st - Release of 0.9.9
    September 1st is the date that marks the end of our discussions. After that, all the changes that we agreed upon will be implemented in the API, as well as the Mondrian and XML/A implementations of the driver. The 0.9.9 release will include those changes, but will still maintain retro-compatibility. Some API calls will be marked for deprecation, new ones will be present as well. The 0.9.9 release will be the last available before 1.0. Everything that is marked for deprecation will be removed as of 1.0, so users will have a chance to convert their code base progressively.

  • October 31st - Release of 1.0
    We are planning to release olap4j 1.0 on October 31st. All methods that have been marked as deprecated, whether by the 0.9.9 release or any other previous 0.X release will be removed.

A proposed updated functional specification document, as well as a detailed list of API changes will be sent in the following days, right after the 0.9.8 release. We strongly encourage the users of olap4j to express any concerns or ideas that might arise.

Sincerely yours

Luc Boudreau, for the olap4j development team