Tuesday, April 12, 2011

olap4j 1.0 is here

Dear olap4j community,

It is with immense pride that we deliver to you today version 1.0 of olap4j. Yup. And you should be proud as well. Thanks to you and to the concerted efforts of countless collaborators, advisers, testers, integrators and developers worldwide, we were able to reach this historic milestone.

If you would allow me to exagerate blatantly for a second, olap4j 1.0 is what I believe the greatest and bestest (yes, you've read it right, bestest) version to have ever been granted to humanity.

At this point, I encourage you to go read the official press release instead of reading my futile efforts at proper journalism. Our fine folks really know how to best express what olap4j represents, why it is important and why it *might* be the bestest thing on Earth. I've also resisted the urge to copy / paste their fabulous text. That said, I'll do my part and get into the more technical details.

You will first notice that the distribution files have changed. The XML/A driver is now separated from the core API. This is a good thing for the project, as it will allow us to fix issues and release more often. Those of you who are using the JDK 1.4 compatible distribution will still get the XML/A driver in the same library. The four binary libraries are available on our Maven repository and Sourceforge project.

Among other changes, the top levels of the connection's metadata have also received some upgrades. A new metadata element was introduced at the top; the Database. We have also removed everything that was marked for deprecation as of 1.0. We therefore encourage people to test carefully while upgrading.

The reference implementation, Mondrian, is compatible with olap4j 1.0, but only for version and upwards. This means that if you are using both Mondrian and olap4j, the only compatible build is not certified nor tested anymore than any regular CI release. On production systems, you should abstain from upgrading to Mondrian 3.3.X or risk the consequences, although the 3.3.X series are very similar to what we released with the 3.2.X cousin. Anyhow, bottom line is:
  • If you're only using olap4j and the XML/A driver, upgrade at will! 
  • If you're using Mondrian too, we suggest waiting for Mondrian 3.3 official.
  • If you like to live on the edge, grab olap4j and Mondrian They are both available in our Maven repository.
That's it for now. As usual, drop by our forums or mailing list if there is anything we can help with. And again, congratulations to everyone for the hard work.
olap4j's  maven repository cheat sheet